Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Pammacaristos Visit

A group of Newcomers visited Pammacaristos on February 17, '10. We were greeted warmly and served coffee, tea and cookies in the living room. Mr. Kiousis, the Director, gave us a history of Pammacaristos (in Greek) which was translated by Chrisula. Sydney and Cathy presented Mr. Kiousis with the 1500 euros that were raised from the Christmas Bazaar. We then had a tour of the residence and saw the new bedrooms that have been updated with fresh paint, brightly-colored bedspreads and new plumbing. We have requested that the money donated by Newcomers be used to upgrade more bedrooms so that more residents can be accommodated.

From the residence building we went to the workshops where students and residents worked on ceramics, carpet weaving, catering and decorating. It was a joy to see how happy everyone was and what great pride they take in the work that they do. Our tour ended in the ceramic showroom where we had an opportunity to shop. Some of us did more shopping than others (Lana!) It was a great day and will be repeated on Thursday, February 25 and again in the spring.

Photographer Sydney