Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Cycladic Museum Tour

Entrance to the Stathatos Mansion which houses temporary exhibitions and the museum offices.

Benefactors Nicholas and Dolly Goulandris.

Female figurine. Canonical type. Dokathismatia type.

Schematic figurines of this type are conventionally known as "Kusura Type".

The "cup bearer". The freely extended arm is an extremely rare feature in Cycladic sculpting.

Clay frying-pan vessel.

Bronze ox figurine. 8th c. BC

Cycladic male figurine.

Boeotian figurine of a seated female. 530 BC

Fragment of a relief pithos with decoration of crouching sphinxes with "daedalic" heads.

Safety pins.

Cut-out plaque in the shape of a cock, with two suspension holes. It may have been used as a grave offering. 5th c. BC

Free blown glass flask. 300 BC

Free blown glass flask. 300 BC

Corinthian white-ground plate depicting a naked figure in caricature. 5th c. BC

Bronze Attic weight decorated with a dolphin in relief. 5th c. BC

Gold earrings, each with a pair of sphinxes and set with garnets. 2nd c. BC
Gold earrings decorated with winged Nike. Hellenistic period

Modern copy of a marble statue of Eros.

Cast bronze head of a bearded male, resembling a theatrical mask.

Photograph courtesy of Anne V.