Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Benaki Museum Tour

Marble bust of Antonis Benakis founder of the museum by Konstantinos Dimitriadis

Votive bust of a goddess with a high polos

Terracotta figurine of a himation clad male

Attic black figure lekythos with depiction of a satyr. 500 BC

Part of a female figurine with peplos, polos and elaborate jewellery. 550 BC

Mycenaean necklaces with beads of semi-precious stones, glass paste and faience. 16th-13th c BC

Male funeral portrait painted on linen. 3rd c AD

Marble votive relief of Asklepios, God of medicine. 3rd c BC

Poros grave marker for Parthena. 4th c BC

Marble group of hands, fragment of a farewell scene from a grave relief. 4th c BC

Marble grave relief. 3rd c AD

Bronze figurine of Hercules. 480 BC

Terracotta bust of Dionysos holding an egg and a wine jug. 380 BC

Attic red figure kylix. 460 BC

St Anne and the Virgin. 15th c icon by Cretan painter Angelos Akotantos

The vigin of Tenderness. Icon by Emmanuel Lambardos. 17th c

Adoration of the Magi, Icon. 16th c Ioannis Permeniatis (Venice)

17th c embroidery. Cyclades

Detail of The Last Judgment. Abraham, 1794

Greek bourgeois lady from Constantinople. 18th c

Lead water bottle. 1761

Portrait of Queen Olga

King Otto by Joseph Karl Stieler

Michele and Amy

Tammy and Gwyneth


Claudia and Nikki

Tammy and Gwyneth in the entrance hall

Newcomers on the steps of the Benaki Museum