Wednesday, 4 November 2009

National Archaeological Museum Tour

Early cycladic "frying pan vessels"

Cycladic fertility necklace

Mycenean bronze dagger with inlaid decoration

Gold scales believed to symbolize the weighing of the soul in the underworld. The butterfly is the symbol of the soul

Mask of Agamemnon

Newcomers look at the seal cabinet

Monumental Attic grave amphora from the Kerameikos cemetery

Detail of a Korai, Parian marble. The chiton is decorated with rosettes and swastikas

Detail of a Korai holding a lotus bud

Detail of a Kouros

Grave Stele

Newcomers admire the Artemision bronze

Paulette, Amy and Michele listen to the museum guide Laura Giannola

Grave Stele, Pentelic marble

Vase with black figures. 600 BC

Vase with red figures. 400 BC

Athena. Known as the Varvakelon Athena it is the most complete of the surviving copies of the Chryselephanline cult statue of Athena Parthenos

Left arm of a young boxer. Bound with leather straps to protect his wrist and forehand

Female head (Hygeia?)

Bronze Marathon boy

Newcomers appreciating the Horse bronze

Hellenistic bronze known as the "Horse with the little jockey"

The little jockey

Female funerary statue

Aphrodite, Pan and Eros, Parian marble

Detail of Aphrodite attempting to fend off the erotic advances of Pan

Bronze bust of Augustus

Portrait head of a philosopher? Pentelic marble.

Male portrait bust, Thasian marble

Male portrait bust, Thasian marble

Male portrait bust, Pentelic marble

Mosaic of Medussa

Newcomers on the steps of the National Archaeological Museum

Newcomers with museum guide Laura Giannola on the steps the National Archaeological Museum

Anne, Michele, Amy and Tammy

Lana and Clare packed like sardines on the metro