Saturday, 22 January 2000

Anemomylos Taverna

Anemomylos Taverna
Heimaras 5
Nea Erythraia
210 807 0969, email: website:

The owner, Takis, is brilliant with the grill. Whether it's lamb or pork, chicken or beef, you're in for a treat when Takis cooks it on the grill or the spit. He has traditional Greek taverna fare and possibly the best fried zucchini in Greece! The taverna is open Wednesday-Friday evenings, Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon. I've eaten at Anemomylos many times and enjoyed it every time.

To get to Anemomylos, turn left (coming from the south) or right (coming from the north) between Bed and Bath and the kiosk on Elef. Venizelos in Nea Erythraia. Follow the road down the hill until it dead ends on Heimaras. The taverna is right there at the end of the street.

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